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Weddings and Honeymoons


Our culture is not just rich but beautiful as well, and it is a treasure to cherish. You may be dreaming of having an African wedding, a Rwandan one. Imagine how beautiful you would look in that traditional attire (umushanana), wearing that handmade jewelry, surrounded by unique decoration, entertained by a traditional troupe as the majesty of the day. We excel in organizing weddings and honeymoons!


Rwanda like any other country in the world cherishes wedding celebrations in a particular way. For us, tying the knot is another opportunity to embrace our culture and gather as a family. This always marks a once in a lifetime experience. Tabitha Deeds will help tourists explore this masterpiece in the culture of Rwanda. We shall go the extra mile and help you organize your wedding in Rwanda if you would like it.

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When you plan to see Rwanda, expect to experience a rich and exceptional culture. Tabitha Deeds will help you take part in traditional cooking classes, pottery making, traditional dances, banana wine making, farming and if you like we shall show you how a family celebration evening used to be decades ago. So much more awaits you!

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